3rd (2012)

Russian Military Budget

See the chart below for a yearly breakdown of military spending in Russia. (2001 to 2012)

Military Spending in Russia

Our latest data shows that Russia spent $90,646,000,000 on their military in 2012 which amounted to 4.4% of the country's GDP that year. Check out the chart below for more Russian military budget data. We can only publish the past 12 years, but SIPRI has data as far back as 1988 on their site.

Total Spent: $713,417,000,000 (Last 12 years)

Year Dollars Spent % GDP
2001 $36,090,000,000 4.1%
2002 $40,098,000,000 4.4%
2003 $42,658,000,000 4.3%
2004 $44,379,000,000 3.8%
2005 $50,505,000,000 3.9%
2006 $56,417,000,000 3.8%
Year Dollars Spent % GDP
2007 $61,824,000,000 3.7%
2008 $67,986,000,000 3.7%
2009 $71,566,000,000 4.6%
2010 $72,918,000,000 4.3%
2011 $78,330,000,000 4.1%
2012 $90,646,000,000 4.4%

Note on Data: Constant (2011) US Dollars are used. For more information about this data visit SIPRI.org.

SIPRI Footnote: Figures are for the USSR from 1988-1990, and from Russia from 1992 onwards. No figure is available for 1991. For the sources and methods of the military expenditure figures for the USSR and Russia, see Cooper, J., 'The military expenditure of the USSR and the Russian Federation, 1987–97', SIPRI Yearbook 1998: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security (Oxford University Press: Oxford, 1998), appendix 6D, pp. 243–59.

Other Countries in the Region

French Flag France
$62,582 Million (2012)
Belarusian Flag Belarus
$797 Million (2012)
Latvian Flag Latvia
$279 Million (2012)
Serbian Flag Serbia
$923 Million (2012)
Bulgarian Flag Bulgaria
$782 Million (2012)
Bosnian Flag Bosnia-Herzegovina
$245 Million (2012)
Ukrainian Flag Ukraine
$4,865 Million (2012)
British Flag United Kingdom
$59,795 Million (2012)

Russia's Military Branches

Ground Forces (Sukhoputnyye Voyskia, SV), Navy (Voyenno-Morskoy Flot, VMF), Air Forces (Voyenno-Vozdushniye Sily, VVS); Airborne Troops (Vozdushno-Desantnyye Voyska, VDV), Strategic Rocket Forces (Raketnyye Voyska Strategicheskogo Naznacheniya, RVSN), and Aerospace Defense Troops (Voyska Vozdushno-Kosmicheskoy Oborony or Voyska VKO) are independent "combat arms," not subordinate to any of the three branches; Russian Ground Forces include the following combat arms: motorized-rifle troops, tank troops, missile and artillery troops, air defense of the ground troops.

Military Service Age in Russia

18-27 years of age for compulsory or voluntary military service; males are registered for the draft at 17 years of age; service obligation is 1 year (conscripts can only be sent to combat zones after 6 months of training); reserve obligation to age 50; enrollment in military schools from the age of 16, cadets classified as members of the armed forces.