Military Budgets in the Middle East

Middle Eastern countries spent a cumulative total of $97.227 billion dollars on their militaries in 2012. This number is based on SIPRI data and does not include 2 countries for which there was not enough data. Saudia Arabia led in military spending at $54.218 billion dollars or about 55% of all spending.

Bahraini Flag Bahrain
$924 Million (2012)
Egyptian Flag Egypt
$4,175 Million (2012)
Iranian Flag Iran
No Data (2012)
Iraqi Flag Iraq
$5,693 Million (2012)
Israeli Flag Israel
$15,536 Million (2012)
Jordanian Flag Jordan
$1,382 Million (2012)
Kuwaiti Flag Kuwait
$5,945 Million (2012)
Lebanese Flag Lebanon
$1,622 Million (2012)
Omani Flag Oman
$6,489 Million (2012)
Qatari Flag Qatar
No Data (2012)
Saudi Flag Saudi Arabia
$54,218 Million (2012)
Syrian Flag Syria
No Data (2012)
Tajikistani Flag Tajikistan
No Data (2012)
Emirati Flag UAE
No Data (2012)
Yemeni Flag Yemen
$1,243 Million (2012)

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