N/A (2012)

Panamanian Military Budget

See the chart below for a yearly breakdown of military spending in Panama. (2001 to 2012)

Military Spending in Panama

Our data source (SIPRI) does not have a figure for Panama's military budget in 2012, but the chart below contains the available military spending data from the past 12 years. If you want to learn more about Panamanian military spending, check out SIPRI.org which has data as far back as 1988, including dollars spent and percentage of GDP.

Total Spent: $0 (Last 12 years)

Year Dollars Spent % GDP
2001 no data N/A
2002 no data N/A
2003 no data N/A
2004 no data N/A
2005 no data N/A
2006 no data N/A
Year Dollars Spent % GDP
2007 no data N/A
2008 no data N/A
2009 no data N/A
2010 no data N/A
2011 no data N/A
2012 no data N/A

Note on Data: Constant (2011) US Dollars are used. For more information about this data visit SIPRI.org.

SIPRI Footnote: The Panamanian defence forces were disbanded in 1990 and replaced by the national guard, consisting of the national police and the air and maritime services.

Other Countries in the Region

Trinidadian, Tobagonian Flag Trinidad &Tobago
No Data (2012)
Canadian Flag Canada
$22,382 Million (2012)
Nicaraguan Flag Nicaragua
$65 Million (2012)
Uruguayan Flag Uruguay
$944 Million (2012)
Argentine Flag Argentina
$4,356 Million (2012)
Paraguayan Flag Paraguay
$430 Million (2012)
Salvadoran Flag El Salvador
$233 Million (2012)
American Flag United States
$668,841 Million (2012)

Panama's Military Branches

Panamanian Public Security Forces (subordinate to the Ministry of Public Security), comprising the National Police (PNP), National Air-Naval Service (SENAN), National Border Service (SENAFRONT).

Military Service Age in Panama