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Guinean Military Budget

See the chart below for a yearly breakdown of military spending in Guinea-Bissau. (2001 to 2012)

Military Spending in Guinea-Bissau

Our latest data shows that Guinea-Bissau spent $17,500,000 on their military in 2012 which amounted to 2.0% of the country's GDP that year. Check out the chart below for more Guinean military budget data. We can only publish the past 12 years, but SIPRI has data as far back as 1988 on their site.

Total Spent: $121,900,000 (Last 12 years)

Year Dollars Spent % GDP
2001 $12,500,000 3.1%
2002 $11,800,000 3.2%
2003 $12,000,000 1.6%
2004 no data N/A
2005 $16,900,000 2.1%
2006 no data N/A
Year Dollars Spent % GDP
2007 no data N/A
2008 no data N/A
2009 $14,800,000 1.7%
2010 $18,900,000 2.1%
2011 $17,500,000 1.9%
2012 $17,500,000 2.0%

Note on Data: Constant (2011) US Dollars are used. For more information about this data visit SIPRI.org.

SIPRI Footnote: An armed conflict broke out in Guinea Bissau in 1998, which led to a substantial increase in defense expenditure, especially in 2000/01. According to the IMF, the increase was financed by a credit from the banking system, and by promissory notes. Due to the conflict, no data data is available for 1999 and the consistency before and after this year is uncertain.

Other Countries in the Region

Seychellois Flag Seychelles
$10 Million (2012)
Sudanese Flag Sudan
No Data (2012)
Ivoirian Flag Côte d’Ivoire
$435 Million (2012)
Rwandan Flag Rwanda
$77 Million (2012)
Congolese Flag Congo
No Data (2012)
Moroccan Flag Morocco
$3,582 Million (2012)
Nigerien Flag Niger
$75 Million (2012)
Chadian Flag Chad
No Data (2012)

Guinea-Bissau's Military Branches

Army, Navy, National Air Force (Forca Aerea Nacional); Presidential Guard.

Military Service Age in Guinea-Bissau

18-25 years of age for selective compulsory military service (Air Force service is voluntary); 16 years of age or younger, with parental consent, for voluntary service.